These resources are intended to help researchers in starting their own HuGE reviews and contain the following sections:

  • The HuGE Review Handbook
    HuGENet’s HuGE Review Handbook is an excellent starting place for those wanting to conduct a HuGE systematic review.
  • Protocols
    It is our intention to invite researchers undertaking (or having recently completed) a HuGE review to make their protocol available via this website. This would add to the validity and transparency of methods used in undertaking such a substantial piece of work.
  • Informatics for Epidemiology
    This is a project that investigated the feasibility of using informatics-based approaches in conducting secondary research in epidemiology, in particular for the identification and interrogation of gene-disease association studies. A full report of this project is to follow soon.
  • Online Genetic Databases
    One of the outputs of the Informatics for Epidemiology project was a comprehensive search of websites containing genetic epidemiological information which has been organised into three tables.

We hope to continue adding to these resources and, if you are conducting a HuGE review and come across a resource you felt was invaluable to your research, then please share your findings with us and other HuGE review researchers via by contacting us.

In addition to these resources we also offer training and support in the conduct of HuGE reviews and meta-analytic methods.